Terroir and planting


Spread over 40 hectares of highly calcareous soil with some clay areas 700 meters above sea level and enjoying milder climate than the rest of Castilla-La Mancha, we cultivate long established vineyards consisting of typical Iberian varieties as well as promising foreign red vines.

This unique combination of land conditions and favorable weather create the perfect setting for the vineyards to burst with red grapes that make for a savory wine possessing impressive strength and expression.




Emerging from 60-year old vineyards, they are the main protagonists of our wine making venture. Our rooted and cup shaped vines feature an exceptional synergy between soil, plant, and fruit in the hallowed tradition of ancient wine masters.


Monastrell is the quintessential red variety of the area, originating from eastern Spain, it is a perfect match for our terroir. These grapes provide balsamic and mineral aromas to young wines and have great qualities for aging.


Garnacha Tintorera is our own red variety that germinate very late in our vineyards and requires a longer period of ripening prior to harvesting. Our wines benefit from the thick and sensual tannin they provide. Grapes are selected for the coupaging qualities, lending other varieties concentration, complexity and stability in the long aging process. Perhaps its more prominent feature is the magnificent color range that it contributes to our wines.



Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varieties are the future of our wines.

Because of their easy adaptation to the soil, these varieties originally from France, posses tremendous potential and higher level of quality.