His set is one of the biggest agricultural constructions of Almansa's municipal area. In this respect, it is a idyllic agricultural complex, because it shelters all the own activities of the rural world of this region, except mill.


The building appears in the landscape like a manor, with a monumental front that awards a character of mansion. It is the principal volume reserved to the residence of its former owners, a building emphasized by his composition and ornamentation, principally in his front. This one, is distributed in three heights and marked by wide large windows, crowned by a frons. The outside treatment of the building follows classic and italian bosses, part of neoclassic style that irrumpe in Europe and the Colonial America from middle of the XVIIIth. Century. The building is a jewel of the Architecture for his singularity in the environment, which walls receive life with the legends of formers that come from the Americas with wealths.


From the manor, other buildings appear, directly related with the agricultural and production labors, as the house of the farmers, the warehouse - press, one of the biggest of Almansa, stables, corrals, etc. All this patrimonial wealth of Santa Rosa is completed by the natural local values and the environment. Landscape and environmental values of a few rich lands in autochthonous flora and fauna, in connivance with the traditional plantation and culture of vineyards.


Santa Rosa is a landscape rich in History, Heritage, natural wealth and grapes.